About Us

Our Story

PetNZC was founded on the rolling plains of Canterbury, New Zealand in 2018.

The original bright spark for the idea came from a team of milk powder producers who had been working on the R&D and production of milk powder for humans for many years.

Our original goal was to use our milk products to improve the lives of people all over the world.

It became clear that part of a being a happy family involved having happy pets!

After thorough research, it became clear that there were no high-end milk powder products for pets currently in the market, leaving us with a wonderful opportunity to throw our energy into improving the lives of cats and dogs all over the world.

We supplemented our already experienced milk powder team with some leading pet nutritionists and Voilà!

PetNZC was born.

Our Mission​

Let scientifically developed milk formula supports and improves cats and dogs’ life, naturally.

We all love cats and dogs. They are great companions to human. More and more cat or dog lovers treat them as their family members.

Just as human, the date when we were happy for having enough foods to meet our bodies’ basic needs have long gone.

We’d like nice foods that are not just tasty, but also nutritious. We also take supplements to avoid potential malnutrition in certain aspects of our bodies.

Milk has been proved to be one of the most effective and convenient sources for supplementing human’s nutritional needs.

Milk naturally contains a lot of more quantities of calcium, vitamin B and other trace elements compared with meat.

Milk is good for newborn kittens and puppies. It’s also good for adult cats and dogs. In addition, milk is easy to be fortified with a wide range of vitamins and minerals. However, lactose intolerance among some cats and dogs have put many off.

Goat milk-based formula is a game change for these loved ones.

Our Philosophy and Ethics

Our Natural Advantages

  • Traditional pet foods manufacturers are not allowed to make dairy products. Dairy is a very sensitive kind of food and the industry is highly regulated;
  • Being in New Zealand, we are able to export our dairy products with no duty or preferential treatment to many countries such as China, Australia, Japan, USA;
  • New Zealand dairy products are well-regarded among consumers worldwide. It saves big on marketing budgets;
  • Grass-fed goats’ milk is superior to factory-fed ones;
  • We are not just a manufacturer, but also a marketable product developer. With years of experience in brand creation, packaging design and marketing, we are confident to be a major player in the pet milk powder industry.

Our Journey to Become a World’s Leading Producer of Pet Formula

  • We are experts on milk powder products for human and pets;

  • We have built our dedicated, high-grade retail milk powder product factory in Christchurch, New Zealand;

  • We use human-grade ingredients and facilities only;

  • With 3 incoming lines for raw ingredients, 2 independent precision blending systems and multiple packing lines, our designed output capacity of 60,000MT/year is sufficient for both large and small customers;

  • Manufactured under strict Risk Management Programme (RMP) to ensure safety for human and pets.