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We believe that pets deserve better nutrition and care.

Therefore, we devote ourselves to scientific research and development of pet nutrition and health. We hope that our efforts can improve the quality of life of pets.


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Kitten Care

A two-year-old cat will accomplish that same growth you do in 25 years.

We recommend that you use only powdered kitten milk replacement formula from the start – or as soon as possible – when you have a newborn kitten.

Puppy Care

In just one to two years, puppies will accomplish what you do in 15 years.

To support your puppy as they grow and learn, feeding them an age appropriate superior nutrition diet should be a top priority.

Cat Care

The nutritional needs of cats change during the different life stages. 

Finding the right cat food supplements can take some valuable time and if you don’t have any to spare due to your job or other such time-consuming factors, don’t worry, we will get you covered.

Dog Care

Older dogs can start to experience physical and cognitive challenges, just like older humans.

By feeding your dog a superior nutrition diet tailored for their life stage, you can help your best friend thrive and li e their best life in their adult and golden years.

Pregnant and Lactating Cat Care

Good nutrition sets the stage for successful breeding and pregnancy.

In mammalian species, nutrition regulates hormonal secretions, fertility, pregnancy outcome, lactation and neonatal development.

Pregnant and Lactating Dog Care

Proper nutrition of a breeding bitch dog is very important during all stages of the reproductive cycle to ensure her good health and growth of her newborn puppies.

Feeding a bitch dog during her pregnancy and lactation is best accomplished using a highly nutritious, digestible, and premium quality pet food. 

Post-surgery and Sick Cat Care

If your cat has just had a surgery, or it is injured, sick and unwilling to keep food down, you can try missing one meal.

Then, offer small amounts of lactose free milk, which is easy to digest for cats while maintaining all the natural goodness and taste.

Post-surgery and Sick Dog Care

Post-surgery and Sick Dog Care

If your dog is recovering from a surgery or disease, it can be quite a traumatic time for you all.

Your vet may recommend a recovery food. Make sure your dog has easy access to clean, fresh water. Start them with small light meals, and give them the recommended recovery food as long as your vet recommends.

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Everyday Enjoyment

Everyday Enjoyment

Our market research shows mainstream pet products satisfy pets' need for food they enjoy every day (if they don't enjoy it, they won't eat it at all).

Nature Inspired

Nature Inspired

As 'natural' claims are the number one trigger for human food choices globally, pet food and drink is going back to nature.

Luxury Moments

Luxury Moments

For many pet owners, the quality of the food they give their animals, is as important as the food they eat themselves. Sparking interest with innovative products is essential.

Scientific Diets

Scientific Diets

Pet owners are now more likely to take their pets' health seriously.Obesity, for example, is a growing problem, so the need for nutrition that addresses specific health issues is rising.

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